Friday, August 2, 2013

Sketchbook: Beauty Fades

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The phrase "beauty fades" has been around probably forever. It is written in the Bible. Judge Judy wrote a book about it.

Yet, it's not true. 

Yes. We will get wrinkly. We will probably get fat(ter). But, that absolutely doesn't mean we aren't beautiful. Most people see beauty as it appears on the surface. Whatever their society's standard of beauty is. From birth, we are ingrained with what this typical beauty is supposed to be. I think it's bullshit. So few people fit into this standard, typical beauty. How, then, can it be true beauty?

Beauty doesn't fade unless you let it to. I think truly beautiful people are those that are happy. Those that refuse to enjoy life because they've gotten wrinkles or fatter or whatever the case may be, they aren't allowing themselves to be beautiful. Age is beautiful. With it comes wisdom of years, and a greater idea of what life is about. If you're unhappy about it, get Botox, get a facelift. Who the hell cares?! Just make yourself happy. If you still hate the way you look after doing the things you thought would help, you may need therapy. 

Some may argue that it's impossible to live our lives as beautiful because we don't fit into the societal standards of beauty. That because people wherever we live in the world don't see you as beautiful, it can't be true. To that I say, ignore society! JUST LIVE YOUR LIFE. Learn to love yourself for who you are. Guess what? I'm never going to be a weight deemed appropriate by society. I've tried, and my body didn't like it. So, I simply don't care anymore. I am striving to be healthier, body and mind, and that is really all that matters. 

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